Monday, November 7, 2016

Salesman Jack

Hey there humans, my name is Jack the one-eyed Wonder Dog.  Some of you know me but many do not.  So, I put my picture on top.  I live with my human parents, Terry and Sandra Unger in Ungerlands.  Now that my introduction is out of the way, let's get to it.  

Yule is coming.  Yes I know it's weeks away but you humans like to procrastinate.  Ya'll like putting stuff off until the last minute.  Like who you will gift with what.  I can help with that.  My human daddy's books are great!  Of course they are!  Buy them!  I need new bones!  Really, this Yule while you are feeding your stomach feed your head by reading my daddy Terry's books.  And it's so simple to do!  

On this blog site, just click on the titles to the right.  This will take you directly to that particular book site on Amazon.  It's so simple even a dog can do it!  WOOF!!!

                                        Copyright @2016 Jack the Wonder Dog Unger

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