Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Coming Storm

When a patient people are pushed too far, they push back.  Political Correctness is and has done the pushing.  But, the push back has begun.

Political Correctness was birthed during the Stalinist era in the communist Soviet Union.  Uncle Joe Stalin's political doctrine demanded the correct political attitude.  You had to be "politically correct"  from having your neck stretched or to avoid a firing squad.  Living demanded that the people follow a dictated politically correct life.  The Stalinist Doctrine way of life. It was a socially engineered way of living that, through fear, created a monosyllabic living environment.  This is how you speak.  This is how you think.  At least in public.  Freedom of speech and expression were non-existent, as was any form of assembly.  If you have been awake and watching the goings on over the past 30 plus years you should see the similarities.  

Liberal/Progressives began assaulting freedom in the United States and the rest of the western world as early as the 1960's.  In the States they called it Affirmative Action, an attempt to "level the playing field."  Against who?  Our society, in my opinion, suffered.  This was followed by instructing certain people that they were victims of a cruel system.  A system that demanded very high standards.  So, the standards were lowered.  And our social order suffered.  What followed?  Multiculturalism, changes in language - what words originally meant to definitions that suited Political Correctness, and the overhaul of the entire educational system.  When you want to indoctrinate, you begin when kids are still in diapers. 

In my opinion, the politically correct, social scientists, social justice warriors are trying to rid western culture of any European influence.  This attempt is prevalent in the United States.  Here is the rub, the truth, the fact:  If you are European, or of European descent, you are Caucasian - you are white.  And being white is a problem for many Progressives.  

If you are born as a white person, you are told that you are born racist (the word being altered by the PC police).  And, white people can never experience racism from others.  You are told that you do not have a culture or a heritage, but are the source of all problems.  White people have something called "white privilege," giving them all kinds of advantages.  This is a story line that should be told to the vast number of white homeless, working poor, and dirt poor.  All of this is just Politically Correct Bullshit, projectile vomited unto the white population, over a period of time to make the white man feel guilty and to pave the way for a mono-cultural, socialist/communist social order.  But push back  to all of this has begun.  

As a white guy of European descent, I have a right to my culture and heritage.  Living in the United States, I have a right to freedom of speech, thought,expression, assembly, and religion.  Just like every other person.  To the social justice warrior snowflakes listen up.  You do not have the right to NOT be offended.  You just do not.  Grow the fuck up.  The winds of change are blowing.  If you cannot handle the coming storm, then Dorothy, drab your Toto and find the nearest root cellar.  

                                                    Copyright @2017 Terry Unger  

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