Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Dumbing Down of Manliness

From a genetic point of view, men are men and women are women; we are meant to do different things.  This does not mean that a women doing the same job as a man should receive less in her pay check.  That is nonsense.  Equal work demands equal pay.  But here is the rub:  men built the world.  The actual, ball busting manual labor, pick and shovel, climbing steel girders to rivet steel beams together physical world.  Let's not forget poring concrete, roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and hanging sheet rock.  And greasy automotive service and repair.  On the whole, a person would be hard pressed to find women standing in line for pick and shovel type jobs.  But there are women who do and most hold their own among their male peers.  The problem now is that young men do not want to get their hands dirty.  They find that kind of work repugnant.  Most want the "corner office," the fat pay check, and no responsibility, all while still living in mom's basement.  They've been programmed to think that way.

Decades ago high schools started hanging signs  that simply read - Work Smarter, Not Harder.  Those four words usually were accompanied by a picture.  In the picture, were two young men.  One was sharply dressed in a three piece suit.  He was smiling at the wad of cash in his hand.  The other young man looked like he just finished rolling in a tub of grease and had a rather unpleasant look on his face.  The message is unmistakable:  go to college, get a four year degree, and you will be successful. If not, you will be a grease ball.  Over time, this image, changes in our educational system, and two other social nightmares took their toll.  

The feminist movement may have started out with the equal pay argument.  I agreed then as I agree now - equal work demands equal pay.  However, feminism is no longer about that.  It is all about hating men.  Demeaning men.  Putting down men.  Let's make all men into obedient drones.  Real women want none of this.  That's why the feminist movement is shrinking.  But in its hay day, the movement gained strength and inspiration from Political Correctness.  

With the big helping hand from PC, feminism told men it was not cool to be manly.  And you could not argue with them.  Masculinity was looked upon as a base animal trait that had to eliminated. Any man who displayed masculinity was openly ridiculed.  Feminists told men to embrace and display their inner feminine.  And these women wanted nothing to do with men who got dirty making an honest living.  These men were not good enough; getting your hands dirty to earn a paycheck was too masculine.   When considering how many effeminate men are running around, the feminist movement and PC had some success.  I could go on, but I lost many of you in the second paragraph.  So let me make some masculine "to do" suggestions for young men. 

Get off your ass.  Turn off the television.  Turn off your computer.  Turn off your smart phone and hide it in your sock drawer.  Go aside.  Walk.  In a forest or field.  By a river, lake, or ocean.  Go to the gym and force yourself to sweat, daily. Build muscle.  Read biographies about masculine men - you can start with Teddy Roosevelt.  Buy some hand tools and learn how to use them.  Find a hobby that demands physical exertion.  Take stuff apart to see how it works - then put it back together.  Change your vehicle's oil.  Change your tires. Learn a martial art. Go hunting. Go fishing.  Learn how to use a firearm.  Build something, even if it's nothing more than a fucking birdhouse. Be proud of your accomplishments.  Be proud of your hard body.  Cuss and swear like a longshoreman.  Lose the man bun. Stop caring about what others think.  Think for yourself.  

                                               Copyright @2017  Terry Unger


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