Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Barbarians at the Gates

It is said that hard times create hard men.  It is all so said that times of good and plenty create soft men.  The soft men believe that the good times will never end, so much so that they put the hard men on a shelf where they eventually die and are not replaced.  These soft ones believe that the barbarians at the gates can and will be placated by negotiations, or appeasement.  History tells a different story.  

Almost always, when the serious aggressor was bought off, he came back for more the next year or within the next generation.  They did not cease taking until they themselves were eliminated.  Hard men came forth and eliminated the aggressor; they did what had to be done to preserve their way of life.  

Those that wish to conquer, convert, and subjugate entire civilizations have no intention of living in frith.  They can have their nose broken and bloodied only to return home and raise up many more like them, like amber waves of grain; they rabidly procreate and instill hatred within their children against anything that is not exactly like them.  All the while, the soft men amuse themselves with games.  But there are other distractions.  

For many they are not real distractions.  One can hardly believe that working like a dog to put on the table and pay the bills is a distraction.  Rather, it is an obligation.  And in the western world, it often takes two, husband and wife, to meet these obligations.  Children are put off, until "things get better." When things do  "get better," most feel like they are too old to have children.  The stress of making a living is just one reason why people are not having children; there are others but suffice to say that people in the western world are too exhausted, mentally and physically to fuck.  And fucking is required to have kids.  It is unfortunate that too often people reach for hand held electronic devices when they are exhausted.  These toys do not need any foreplay to get you off, something not lost on the "barbarians at the gates."  

                                                  Copyright @2017 Terry Unger

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