Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Heart Break With the Double D's

Sorry.  The title has nothing to do with a woman's bust size.  It has everything to do with doctrine and dogma, which is the finite's vain attempt to define a right relationship with the Infinite.  And, the biggest manufacturers of the Double D's are the universal monotheistic religions.  

At one time in these universalist monotheistic religions, a founder or if you will, a leader emerges.  In the case of Judaism, Moses, Islam, Mohammad, and Jesus for Christianity (it could easily argued that Christianity, because of its' origins, is an offshoot/extension of Judaism; those who believed in Jesus where Christian, those who did not, still Jews. Jesus, if he existed at all as an individual, was a Jew, something many Christians do not grasp, which makes any argument about springing from Judaism rather moot).  Around these leaders, books were written.  And these books with their stories, were influenced by the majority cultures that surrounded them:  the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Greco-Roman (in particular the Judaeo-Christian "books").  

Shortly after these Books were written, compiled, collated, altered, and/or pieces whole or in part tossed out, other "leaders" appear on scene to determine what the holy writ from on high means to mankind, and how humanity is supposed to have a right relationship with Deity - the doctrine and dogma of the faith.  The Double D's are the supposed playbook for the faith's practitioners.  However, this doctrine and dogma, for many is like an ill fitted pair of shoes.  

Too many things in our present day life can defy description let alone explanation by proscribed doctrine and dogma.  Telling a faith's practitioner that it is "God's will," or it's a "Mystery" that must be accepted just does not cut it. Like cancer, heart disease, or being victim of a drive by shooting. Heavens forbid genetics, gluttony, or living in a shit neighborhood should be taken into account. What was past off to the ignorant masses of yesteryear is met with smiles and snickers of thinking people today.  But many of these thinking people feel spiritually dead inside.  There is hope.  

When a person begins a spiritual quest, investigating personal culture and heritage is a great place to start.  Once upon a time, a person grew up within his own culture and heritage but  globalism, in many cases, has removed that nurturing environment.  So, go out and find it just like Leif Ericsson discovered the new world.  For many, it will be not just a new experience, but a "homecoming" of sorts.  And if the discoverer goes deep enough, he or she will find his or her pre-Christian ancestors and get a glimpse of their worldview.  

That worldview included what is referred to today as Asatru/Heathenry; no holy books, doctrine, or dogma - just an all encompassing way of life (the Eddas and Sagas are not a Heathen "bible."  However, even with heavy Christian redaction, these tales give us a foundation for a good life).  Emphasis is placed on personal word and deed knowing that both can come back to bite or reward in the future.  Heathenry offers freedom.  But it is freedom with responsibility.  Unfortunately for them, People of the Book use their religion as an excuse for their behavior - because that's what it says to do in the Book.  Add to this the doctrine and dogma mongers and you have a perfect storm.  And, many followers of universalist monotheism enjoy getting caught up in the storm.  But, it is their choice.

I cannot write in just one blog post the advantages of Heathenry.  However, by reading the brief sampling of posts offered below on this blog, you can get a "taste."  

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