Saturday, June 3, 2017

What Are You Thinking?

Life is not easy; it is not supposed to be.  Regardless of current station in life, we are faced with varying degrees of frustration, torment, and stress.  And, the poor man may suffer less, depending on his point of view than his Daddy Big Bucks neighbor.  This is, of course, relative to the individual - his wyrd.  But what do you think about when you are pressed and stressed?  Are you totally consumed by what is pressing on your heart and mind?  Do you get caught up in the peripherals of the problem or do you become overwhelmed by it?  Or does the apparent weight of the problem leave you paralyzed?  Our Lore may hold some answers.  

All Father Odin hung from Yggdrasil for nine days to gather the runes and their wisdom.  The Lore mentions All Father was irritated that, despite his hunger and thirst, no one was there/available/or cared to give him something to eat and drink.  Did other things disturb him while hanging from Yggdrasil?  We do not know - the Lore mentions little.  Could there have been other things?  The short answer:  if we place a man in that situation, hanging up-side-down from a tree, than yes - there would be many.  But what the Gods feel or need our finite mind cannot grasp.  Especially when their quest is for knowledge.  But this is what we do know.  Odin "hung in there" and completed his quest.  He surmounted his obstacle(s) by focusing on his goal.  He pushed through the frustration, torment, and stress to obtain the runes and their wisdom.  The same runes meant to be shared with us mortals.  

In this life we face problems.  The choice is to be overwhelmed by them or to surmount and grow in experience and wisdom from them.  Like Odin we must focus - focus on obtainment and victory. Then and only then do we succeed in solving our problems and crushing our demons.

                                                   Copyright @2017 Terry Unger


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