Monday, April 9, 2012

A Better Life

A better life - everybody wants one, unless you already have it.  People bitch and complain, listing all sorts of reasons why they cannot latch on to that better kind of living.  It appears that there may be one reason for this:  laziness, but not of the sort that just popped into your mind.  The word itself stirs up thoughts of non-physical, couch potato activity, even sloth.  But, a person's thoughts and beliefs also can be lazy and just hanging off the couch too.

When decisions have been made for people they tend to be content and are willing to live with those predetermined decisions.  For so many, challenging what has been considered acceptable and immutable for centuries is just something that they do not want to get involved with.  Hey, why rock the boat (within their own head) and have nightmares?  And, even when some folks admit to those immutable decision's illogical points, they will not move themselves away from them.  Here it comes.  This is what Christians do and it explains why so many of them are the way that they are - lost.

For millennia, the Judeo-Christian Tradition has made arbitrary decisions for its faithful.  Those decisions were made into doctrine, dogma, and creed; they cover all aspects of a person's life.  Do not be mistaken, it is all about controlling hearts and minds; it has nothing to do with "salvation."  Have you not wondered, why  the JCT is so interested in what goes on in your bedroom?  Don't you think it strange that a bunch of men want to dictate women's health issues, based on the JCT doctrine, dogma, and creed?  So tell us Pilgrim, do you really think that there are just ten commandments?  If you say yes, guess again.  There are over 600 more; read the book of Leviticus.  Fear and ignorance beats people into submission.

Many Christian folk love the bible verse, John 3:16, supposedly concerning their god's love for humanity; this god allowed his son to be killed so "believers" are no longer responsible for their behavior.  That's nice, but in my opinion, the verse always is taken out of context.  The reader/believer needs to start from John 3:14 through John 3:20.  Another fear factor shows its ugly head.  If you do not believe and accept this love sacrifice made for you, you are destined for hell.  The Christian all loving god behaves like a spoiled 9 year old child - again.  Read the Old Testament for this god's earlier exploits.  Here we have another example of, "Do what I tell you to do or you're dead."  That is typical of human behavior, not that of an all-loving god.  The JCT preaches that a person has free will.  However, if you want to be "saved," you must surrender your free will and submit to the will of their god; an immature, nine year old brat.  Where is the common sense in that?  There is none.    Many Christians recognize how illogical these two points are, but they are too lazy to push through and consider more.  The fantasy is preferred; less to think about because the decision has already been made for them.  It is not a secret that the JCT crippled human evolution and advancement within the arts and sciences; it is still referred to as the Dark Ages.

Once the JCT had, in the guise of the Catholic Church, gained a firm foothold within a territory, they began to work on the control of hearts and minds.  There are many examples of early assaults on human minds, all done in the name of Jesus.  Probably the best known of these is the final burning of the Library of Alexandria.

Crazed, robed monks carried torches and ran through the streets screaming for all to hear that all they needed to know was Jesus, as they burned everything in sight.  Not only did those ignorant reprobates incinerate millennia spanning knowledge, they also murdered Hypathia, the caretaker of the Library and without a doubt one of the greatest Pagan minds south of the Alps.  All done in the name of their lord Jesus.  And it did not stop.  The Dark Ages overlapped the many years known as The Inquisition.

Anything and anyone not in sync with with JCT doctrine, dogma, and creed was eliminated; intelligent people were tortured, forced to "recant" and then burned alive.  If you helped in the delivery of a baby and knew something about medicinal herbs, your goose was cooked, literally.  Some of the more notable people, like Galileo, were put under house arrest, and forbidden to speak publicly to anyone, even after they had recanted.  Galileo's crime?  He championed heliocentrism - the earth and other planets revolve around the sun, not the other way around.  He failed to overcome the immutable word of the JCT god, written in stone within their scripture.  The biblical verse, 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm verses 93:1, 96:30, 104:5, and Ecclesiastes 1:5 all state that their god made earth the center of the universe and all else revolves around it.  Period. Immutable.  End of story.  It did not help Galileo's case that he managed to piss off the pope of his time; an Urban something (hey come on....there are a lot of them and a person can easily lose count).  Galileo was hauled in front of The Inquisition, tried and found guilty of heresy.  His predecessor, Copernicus did not fair well either.  Johannes Kepler wrote a book and his mother damned near died at the stake as a witch.  All of this and more because the JCT wanted to suppress scientific fact.

There are those out there that spout slogans and sing songs about the wonderful contributions the Church made to music and art.  Sure, as long as it was in sync with their doctrine, dogma, and creed.  DaVinci had his share of problems too.  As to the question of art, have you, Pilgrim, ever wondered why a short, dark-shinned middle eastern Jew was always and still is painted as a tall European white guy?   Just asking.  If you get the chance to meet Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, or DaVinci, ask them.

The great, down-trodden unwashed masses were forbidden, yes forbidden to read their holy book, the bible.  That was something left for their semi-literate priests to do for them.  The irony about this point:  bibles existed only in churches and monasteries (later in history that changed with the Protestant Reformation and Gutenberg's printing press... but more more problems were created).  And, the illiteracy rate of the general populace was almost 100%.  So what....a guy gets caught with a book he can't with his head!  Doink!!!

You make think that this blog post is just another rant by a crazy man.  Maybe it is just that.  Or, it's a plea for science and reason to finally trump the man-made "immutable" doctrine, dogma, and creed of the JCT.

If you can move your mind away from its' lazy submission, ask yourself where humanity would be today had it not had to suffer a thousand years of darkness and fear?  Would there have been a Black Plague?  Would we today, have a cure for cancer?  Would we have been to the moon and beyond long before 1969?  And know this Pilgrim:  our ancestors (yes, yours and mine) knew very well the sacredness and sanctity of the Earth and the inter-connectedness of all life.  All life, not just humans.  Big or small, all life was/is a part of the greater Multiverse.  All of that understanding was destroyed with a few verses (and time) from the JCT's book of Genesis.  If you have courage, read The Voluspa and The Havamal.  Ancient wisdom, not immutable doctrine, dogma, and creed.....from your ancestors.  It just may be your gateway to that better life.

                                                    Copyright@ Terry Unger 2012  

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