Thursday, April 12, 2012


A stranger man asked us what our home was like.  We replied,

"You can see it when the first rays of the Sun reflect off an eagle's eye.

It is the laughter of a clean running stream.

It is the yawning of a mother grizzly at noon.

You can hear it and feel it when the wind rushes through a mountain fastness.

It is the smile on a child when knowing is new.

It is the sight of yours, making its own.

You can taste it when the first sweet snowflake of winter melts on your tongue.

It is the pebble in your shoe that forces you on.

It is the worm on your hook that says...... I'm ready.

And you can smell it when your hearts burns to return."

The stranger man asked, "Is this place heaven?"

"No," we relied.  "It's our Home."

The stranger man was puzzled and walked away.

We smiled and hand in hand, went Home.

One man's Home is a quandary for another.  

                               Copyright @2012 Terry and Sandra Unger

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