Thursday, July 5, 2012

American Pie #2

Many people in America what something for nothing.  For that matter, so do people everywhere else on the planet.  But, people will blow ten bucks to save a dime.  When I was asked out for a “free lunch,” I had to pay the bar tab.  Cereal grains are more expensive than burgers. 

In America, what was once poison is today’s miracle cure.  When alcohol was illegal, marijuana, as a medicinal product proscribed by doctors was legal.  Now, alcohol is legal and marijuana is not.  Stop, I have a headache; gonna grab a can of Sterno. 

Currently in America, the push is on to teach abstinence in schools.  But, the birth rate among minors still is up there.  Do you think the quest for the hokie pokie has been answered?  Some municipalities have passed laws that make holding hands illegal.  According to these “statutes,” holding hands is precursor to sexual intercourse.  This is absurd; not every young girl who holds hands with a boy wants to have sex.  In America, Aids and other venereal diseases are looked at by the god fearing as a person’s base and vile behavior.  The person who picked up that stuff did not ask for it; so shame on you for not using your head.  Here we go:  an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Old yes, but still relevant in our time.  When you blow up the bridge, swimming against the stream to get to the other side is tough.  And there are no life boats in the water and the life preserver given is useless.  Education becomes knowledge and knowledge is power – always.  But what do I know?  All I know is what I read on the Internet. 

In America, the class system is well in place.  In one class, if you vomit because you ate and drank too much it’s considered bad form.  In the other class it’s an excuse to eat and drink more.  They can afford it and they can get away with it.  In America, a guy who steals bread, milk, and eggs for his kids goes to jail.  Politicians and investment bankers retire in style.  In America, we arrest and prosecute drug dealers; that is the right thing to do.  Doctors proscribe drugs that kill people; the root cause of the “why” often is discarded.  Those guys are concerned with “effect.”  Or, is it the pharmaceutical companies? 

In America, a person can do everything right and still become the goat, ready for sacrifice.  Every step you took was for others but one misstep, you becoming the bad guy is automatic.  And that mistake had nothing to do with those others who depended on your every step.  Too bad goat, now you are an asshole. 

Only in America will your kids disown you for not buying them the latest I-Pod, video games, and computer.  Forget about all the food, clothing, shelter and the big one…  Not everyone can be related to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. 

In America, true talent and effort are kicked to the curb by money.  What ever is hot and delights simple minds at the moment and will for the foreseeable, future is king – because it sells.  Even if it is king shit.  The spin doctors will make sure that you will like it. 

In America, the media spinners have made hunters out to be gun crazed zealots who walk the forests just looking for an excuse to shoot at something.  That is nonsense.  Real hunters are true conservationists.  Many hunters work hard to preserve what’s left of our natural environmental beauty.  These folks are following in the foot steps of Teddy Roosevelt.  He talked softly, carried a big stick, and had the balls to use that stick.  Teddy was one hell of a hunter and created our national park system.  Where fore art thou Teddy? 

In America, people spend too much time using social media.  If you need a therapist, find a real professional.  Are you looking for “friends and family?”  What’s wrong with your flesh and blood family and real friends?  Do they have B.O. or something else that your virtual friends say they do not have?  Like reality?  A recent survey in America was shocking.  The majority of women between the ages of 18 through 40 preferred to be “on-line” than having sex.  Well, maybe those women never had really great sex or they are using dildos in their on-line chats.  You do not have to kiss a dildo good night or make it breakfast in the morning.  But all I know is what I read on the Internet. 

                                            Copyright @2012 Terry Unger  

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