Monday, July 16, 2012

Why We Need To Laugh

Along with so much of the world, we have become a nation of tight asses; we really need to lighten up.  What was humorous yesterday is not funny today (because of political correctness).  But that's another story.  We have become so straight-laced today that something funny is, in many cases, labeled as some kind of attack on a person or group.  It is almost as if humor in any form is about to be outlawed.  We need to relax and laugh - because it's good for us.

When we frequently laugh, our bodies and brains relax and we become less uptight.  Hearty laughter reduces stress and, reduced stress leads to decreased depression and anxiety (not to mention stomach ulcers).  And, laughter can boost our immune systems, giving our bodies the upper hand to stand up and defeat disease.  Do you want to do some "feel good" drugs and not get busted?  Then you should laugh.  Laughter releases endorphin's, your body's home-made, naturally produced feel good drug. And the release of those endorphin's will improve your over-all mood.  Let's take laughter one step further.

Laughter does change our point of view.  We loosen up and are more accepting of the other side of the situation (whether we agree or not is not the issue here - being more open minded is the point - the word tolerance comes to mind).  When we see the other side in a more relaxed light, conflicts can ease between people.  If laughter can ease tensions between people, imagine what it can to for opposing nations.  And, when folks who have reached the 100 year mark are asked the secrets of their longevity, they will tell you that laughter has played and continues to play an important part in their lives.

We need to laugh more often.  Laughter helps us to see how silly some of our worries and concerns really are.  We can start with ourselves.

When you get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Look at the fucking head on that guy," or anything that will make you laugh at yourself.  Laughing at yourself helps helps you to see how silly we all have become; politically correct silliness is the worst.  Go on, laugh at yourself, I dare you.

                                                Copyright @ 2012/2014 Terry Unger  

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