Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why We Need To Eat Meat

I make no apologies for enjoying meat.  Roasted, grilled, or BBQ'ed, I love meat.  Don't get me wrong, I do eat more than my fair share of fruits and veggies, always.  But, I just find meat really yummy.  And, my over-all health is great.

Eating meat is what our ancestors did, for tens of thousands of years.  Meat is rich in various vitamins, protein, zinc, and selenium.  Eating meat, veggies, and fruits is better than taking vitamins (because vitamins are supposed to be supplements, remember?).  So sorry, (not really) nothing beats meat.

Meat gives us the necessary and needed protein that improves health and well being - like, building new body tissue and boosting our immune system.  Meat is rich in vitamins; vitamins A, D, and the B complex, plus it aids our vision, bones, and teeth.  And, those same vitamins give a major boost to our mental health and nervous system.  Meat is a major source of zinc.  Zinc aids in tissue formation and general well being.  Meat is also our greatest source of iron and, we need iron.  It is the biggest factor in the formation of hemoglobin, the substance that moves oxygen throughout the body.  And let's not forget selenium.  This natural element breaks down harmful fats and chemicals and removes them from the body.  Personally, I cannot think of a life without meat.  If I had to, I would go back to hunting, and that is not a bad thing, but just a step in keeping pace with my ancestors.

It appears that when a  person lives a life without eating meat, whether it be voluntary or involuntary, that person has certain deficiencies.  Over a short period of time, fatigue, shortness of breath, and muscle weakness pops up, along with pale skin.  Also, vision falls victim along with a weakened immune system and, mental health can suffer.  A vegan diet is not the answer; it is a possible impingement to good human health.  

The vegan diet, the total elimination of meat and meat products (like dairy products and eggs) rids the person of essential nutrients that can only be made up from the massive ingestion of certain carbohydrates that could, over time, result in diabetes and heart disease.  From history and nature, this revolt against eating meat is not normal or good for humans.  Most self proclaimed vegans today became so because they feel and felt that the killing of animals for food is grossly cruel.  Well, so does PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

What exactly, is PETA?  Is it some kind of terrorist organization?  That question is almost laughable, until you look deeper into PETA (something for meat lovers to do).  PETA is fanatical in its efforts to protect animals.  And animals do need protection from ass-hole humans who abuse them.  This abuse ranges from the guy next door who takes pleasure in beating his dog, the kid down the street who sets cats on fire, puppy mills, and to the trophy hunter, who takes the head and leaves the carcass (the meat) to rot.   But, is PETA pro-human?  In my opinion, no.

PETA promotes a vegan-style diet that ignores tens of thousands or years of human evolution.  This disregard appears to be done at the expense of the human animal.  This is not acceptable.  So, go out and have a great steak, with a wonderful salad on the side.  Your body and taste buds will love you for it.

Author's Note:  People, especially those who can trace their roots to northern Europe, may want to look into and give serious consideration to the "Paleo Diet."  I will not give out details (no secrets here folks) but I do urge my readers to discover for themselves what helped our ancestors and what can possibly help help them.  On a lighter note, I was told that the word "vegan" comes from a Native American root word that means "bad hunter."

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