Friday, February 14, 2014

Life Statistics

Statistics can be a scary thing.  Currently, the Social Security Administration claims that, if a man reaches 65 years of age, he will live to 84; women outlive men by 2 years.  The folks at Social Security also claim that 1 out of 4 people aged 65, will live to be at least 90, while 1 out of 10 will live well past 95.  Sounds confusing?  Yes it is.  The first life spans are calculated from birth.  The second are calculated from age 65.  However, these figures are raw averages (it seems that the wizards behind the curtain figure if a person makes it through the perils of youth and hits 65, the rest should be smooth sailing).  The stats for cancer and heart disease appear ominous but again they are raw averages.  Fortunately, raw averages do not factor in genetics, current health, and lifestyle.  

Being gifted at birth with good genes, and I don't mean Levi's, is a wonderful thing.  Right out of the gate a person has a major advantage in life, unless he or she screws it up with bad lifestyle choices.  Like smoking, alcohol abuse, and illicit drugs, just to name a few.  That negative habitual behavior will ruin anyone's health.  It stands to reason that lifestyle changes will help most people improve their health and overall quality of life.  

Obviously, these lifestyle changes involve saying good riddance to negative personal behavior, making diet corrections and exercise.  This is the start of having a healthy body.  But there is more.  A healthy body also needs a healthy mind.  A person's head can be a minefield of negative thoughts and behavior. 

Many folks wonder why shit happens to them without realizing that they brought it on themselves.  They cling to negative thought-habits born from greed.  They want the easy way out, the quick pleasure, the easy money or fame and think that the future will be OK.  The decision is made, even though they know that it's the wrong decision, and sacrifice their future for short term gain.  This behavior is almost Lokian.  Down the road, when their personal shit hits the proverbial fan, the original decision, the epicenter of their grief, is forgotten or excused away.  A lifestyle change for the mind is warranted, and can be had by applying the Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru to one's life.  

A man or woman need not be Asatru to embrace the Nine Noble Virtues; they can be used by all men.  All that is required is a deep desire to live a good, positive, and noble life.  Below are some thoughts on how the Nine Noble Virtues can be applied.  

1) Have the Courage to stand up for what you believe in and have the Courage to do the right thing, even though your "friends" think you a fool.  
2 & 3) Always search for Truth and hold your personal Honor sacred.  Keep in mind that life has no Honor when Truth is scorned.  
4) Fidelity is about loyalty.  Sometimes, that loyalty is cemented with an oath.  Always be loyal to your spouse, family, Gods, and friends.  Infidelity is not limited to husband and wife.    
5 & 6) Develop a Disciplined life.  Discipline is the fuel that helps you to see your plans bear fruit.  Along with Discipline, develop Perseverance.  This is the stuff that makes you get up again and again after being knocked down.  It is the "don't quit" attitude.  
7 & 8) Discipline and Perseverance gives birth to Self-Reliance and Industriousness.  This is what lets you stand on your own two feet in the world.  
9) Understand the correct reasons for good Hospitality, and be willing to share your time, talent, and treasure.  

Developing these Virtues in your life is doable, but it does require a desire to make them effective.  It is not just talking the talk but also walking the walk.  Remember, it is not how many years that you live, but how much good life you put into your years.  

                                                    Copyright @2014 Terry Unger



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