Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dare To Be Great

When you are young, people tell you, "You're too young for that."  Then when you are old, people tell you, "You're too old for that."  If you are an infant or totally enfeebled, these admonitions hold some water.  But I am willing to bet that you do not fall into those two groups; most of us do not.  Moreover, it's more than likely that these naysayers never did a damned thing in their lives, other than move from the couch to the refrigerator.  

Modern buzz words like "think outside of the box" and "move out of your comfort zone" challenge you to take a risk.  The risk can be small or huge, but without risk, nothing moves forward; everything remains static, the status quo.   If you want to do or be something special, you need to take risks.  The taste of success is sweeter with the greater level of risk; you need to take a chance.  

So get off the couch and turn off the television.  Turn off your computer and smart phone.  Grab a tablet and pen.  Plan out your dream and then work your plan.  Go on, dare to be great.  

                                                    Copyright @2014 Terry Unger   

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