Friday, February 28, 2014

Spending Time Wisely

When you take the time to learn a trade or profession you have not wasted your energy.  It is time well spent.  Unfortunately today many people will not do that.  These people prefer a constant handout over a hand up.  But these same people have not realized that one day there will be nothing left to hand out; they got it all and gave nothing back.  

A trade or profession is portable; an electrician can work anywhere as can a nurse (just two examples). When you have the knowledge and the resultant skill-sets, you have become self-reliant.  And that self reliance gives you the ability to stand up on your own, to take care of yourself and your family.  Taking one step further, when self-reliance is combined with industriousness, the world suddenly becomes your oyster.  But, you have to possess the "want to."  

To those who prefer handouts to hand ups, I ask this question:  what will you do when the well that supplies you runs dry?  To those people who refuse to learn English and have their hands out, I ask this question:  what will you do if English becomes the lawful tongue?  The pendulum swings.  

                                                      Copyright @2014 Terry Unger      

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