Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Road To Hell

Today I was told that I was "going to Hell."  The reason that I was told this by a self-proclaimed authority is that my worldview collided with his.  And oh, the hate!  If hateful looks could  kill, I'd be stone cold dead.  But I am alive and well, and never felt better.  Maybe my well being has something to do with my worldview.  

Life and the world around me is good.  Prosperity and sex are good.  I revel in life and all that it has to offer.  Condemning life and the world as something bad or evil I see as not just silly and absurd but the ultimate folly.  And, living life in a draconian existence with the hope of some vague after-life promise is a wasted life; if you suffer enough in this life you may have earned a seat in paradise.  What kind of being, what kind of God demands brutal subservience that amounts to lowly serfdom?  A God that acts like a spoiled 13 year old in need of a spanking.  A God created in the image of the men who made him. Real divinity worthy of the title does not dole out punishment for non-belief or demand serfdom/servitude for vague promises of some heavenly paradise.  Only men do this, and have been doing this since the creation of Monotheism in ancient Egypt.  In this matter the old adage, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, does not apply.  The road to Monotheism's Hell was designed by the twins, Ignorance and Intolerance with the goals of servitude and blind faith as their guiding light. This road is paved with the flesh and blood of all those who "did not believe" in their one, true God.  

Every culture has its' native religion and folkway, many of which have been usurped but only partially buried by Monotheism in one form or another.  Today, for the people of Northern European ancestry, that folkway is called Asatru.  In a simple definition, Asatru means the belief in and the following of the old Gods.  But it is more than religion as we understand it.  It is a way of life, it is ancestry, it is culture, and it is heritage.  Northern soul, check it out. Come home.  There is a place prepared for you.  

                                                   Copyright @2014 Terry Unger



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