Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Shall, I Can, I Will

I shall not drink ale before it's brewed.  I shall not sing  a song before it's sung.  In both cases, of course not!  Those two sentences are the silliest I've ever written.  Ale must be made before it can be consumed; you have to make it yourself or buy it.  A song must be written, with deeds and words in one's heart or on a page before it can be sung.  Both require action on my part (and yours).  Maybe this phrase makes more sense - I cannot harvest before I plant.  

Just like a farmer or a gardener who tills the soil in preparation for planting, we must plan.  Planning is our way of tilling our personal "soil."  From planning comes action; we plant our "seeds," those things needed to make our plan grow.  But all the while, we too grow in knowledge and experience as our plan takes shape.  When the time of harvest arrives, we can take pride in our accomplishments.  Our accomplishments in life is the legacy we leave when we depart this life.  And while living, we can take pride in our accomplishments; our personal honor increases and our self-worth, self-esteem is not just healthy but is a light that can shine for others.  

Now drink your ale and sing your song - you've earned it.  

                                              Copyright @2014 Terry Unger       

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