Friday, May 22, 2015

Can't Win Them All

Do good and you will be rewarded.  Do the right thing and everything will work out just fine.  These axioms are outdated.  

In our day a man can do one hundred things during his lifetime.  Ninetynine of these things can be downright positive and just plain awesome.  But that one out of a hundred can be a real stinker.  Well, that stinker can be the asterik behind a man's legacy.  

If you are planning an old-fashioned memorial wake, full of food and booze after you pass, there will be at least one asshole in attendence who will gleefully remind others of your one failing.  Maybe these suggestions will help.  

Continue to live honorably.  Be positive, productive, self-reliant, and generous with your gifts and time.  And, cull your personal circle; keep it small by getting rid of the free loaders.  These are the guys that will talk about that one mistake.  Remember, they are on board just for the free booze and food.  So, you may not be able to win them all, but there is no harm in trying to stack the deck in your favor.  

                                                    Copyright @2015 Terry Unger

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