Sunday, May 24, 2015

When The Knife Becomes Dull

It is my opinion that in the last forty five plus years, feminism and political correctness have dulled masculinity and have taken away a man's right to be himself, a man.  I am not referring to a man who has no manners or class.  I am not referring to a leach or a sexual predator or a dead-beat dad.  All of the lattter need more that just a kick in the ass.  But I am referring to how the application of feminism and political correctness has taken away a man's natural ability to sense danger and immediately react to counter it; they have dulled a man's natural senses.  A man that has been effected by the worst of feminism and political correctness cannot adequately react to protect family, other loved ones and even his country and way of life.  It's like taking a pocket knife to a gun fight. And, we know how that turns out. But I see change coming.  Men once again will use a sharp knife and not a butter fork to cut their steak.  

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