Monday, May 18, 2015

Family Values

There once was a time when people talked to each other, face to face.  These face to face conversations exchanged thoughts and feelings between family and friends.  It was and still is amazing.  A picture does speak to the viewer with so many words.  Below is a Norman Rockwell painting that best describes this amazing moment.  It is obvious that the people are interacting with each other.   

Then we have, in our modern world, so many modern conveniences that we have grown dependent upon.  Like smart phones.  These things started off as just wireless telephones but have grown to become small, hand held computers.  And, our need to be "connected" to the Internet has grown with them.  This dependency is more then just the smart phone in hand appearing like an artificial appendage; using the phone is preferred to actual person to person, face to face conversation.  Below is a "Rockwell-esque" print that says it all.  To the right you can even see a tablet.  

What does your family do at meal time or for that matter, at anytime that it is together?  Are the smart phones off and tucked away or is your family constantly "online?"  Real conversation and communication does not happen over the Internet and cyber-space is a poor substitute for family and friends.  So, what does your family do?  

                                                    Copyright @2015 Terry Unger

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