Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Taste From My Reluctant Hero Trilogy

From Book One,  The Last Wizard-The Story of a Reluctant Hero, Second Edition

In a world filled with sick humor, Smith laughed for not giving himself enough credit.  Of course he could do it, but he would be a very busy man.  This would be his victory, his triumph, and not that of that new bitch Questioner.  The debacle that he would deliver to those heathens would catapult him into immediate promotion, more likely to Brigadier in charge of his own province ... The rest would be his prisoners, and the surviving women his playthings... 

From Book Two, Son of the Morrigan 

Max teleported bck to Evergreen House after his peregrine falcon surveillance of Discovery Center.  Now he understood why Martin was so upset.  The place was a fortress ... Max was too high ... Opus Dei had stockpiled more than hand guns and rifles ... what were these lunitics plannng?  

From Book Three, Ragnarok 

Sunny did nothing but train for killing and she was very, very good.  She had become a true Berserker, minus the animal skins and male genetalia ... Her femininity, her femaleness, was lost.  All that was left was a well-honed killing machine. Wodan knew why:  her... 

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Unity of a Forgotten Kind

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