Friday, June 26, 2015

Time To Toss The Cookie Cutter

As a lead in, I wanted to talk to you about Yuletide cookies made with cookie cutters and then segue into how many things cannot be solved with cookie cutter solutions.  After I gave it some thought, it appeared, rather strangely to me, that some people would just think about making cookies and miss the point.  So let's be honest, open, and bare knuckled frank.   In the past, two universal holes were made and everything is expected to pass through them and come out OK on the other side (because we all like plain vanilla, right?).  The original hole was created by monotheism and the second and most recent by the politically correct elite.  And, this everything is a person's private life, culture, heritage, and yes his native religion.  

There are those among the politically correct, cultural elite that would happily shit gold nuggets if their universal hole was like a black hole - swallowing up and absorbing everything that came within its path.  Fortunately, it  does not work this way.  And, that's a good thing, even though the individual is prompted, probed, and battered repeatedly to do so.  We still have the right to be ourselves, enjoy our cultural heritage, and to hold true to the religion/folkway of our choice.  But the person must have the "want to," or he will be sucked into one or both holes. 

When a person turns over his thinking, reasoning, and decision making to another, so as to give that person control over his life, the now subjugated person (some) will eventually not like his life.  However, there are folks who like having life decisions made for them; they think that it frees them from personal responsibility - they enjoy being drones.  Without going into complex details, politically correct mono-culturalism and monotheistic religions love their drones; without their drones, their ideology would die.  

Both insist that you must pass through their hole to be accepted; if not, bad things will happen to you (for  the monotheistic religions, read their Books.  In regards to the politically correct, the real news and social media is full of sad stories of those who do not comply or go against their agenda).  But  times are changing and we are on the cusp of that change.  A person should not fear to speak his mind, write his prose, or practice a faith path that suits him, or for that matter, none at all.  These things and more are the basics of freedom.  And freedom is not just a human right but a God(s) given right to all men.  So don't toss your cookie cutters; they help make great cookies for Yuletide.

As a young man, I was called gregarious.  Now, some of those same people label me politically incorrect.  The times have changed, I have not.  Having the skill-set to tell a person to go fuck himself in such a manner that the poor sod actually anticipates that blessed event is not just priceless but an age old art form. And, I do so love art. - Terry Unger, Author     

                                                    Copyright @2015 Terry Unger            


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