Sunday, June 14, 2015

Some Bragging and a Snipet From THREE TALL TALES

First, the brag.  This week, my blog went over 30,000 page views, many of them international.  So I must be doing something right!  

From THREE TALL TALES, my book of short stories - 

From the short story, Tarr and His Amazing Flying Machine

"No Ben Jaeger, I am not wrong.  I have watched you for a long time.  Just a few moments ago, ... body odor.  You sensed it with your sense of smell.  Just as your senses picked that up, I sensed your unhappiness with yourself."  

"You're right.  so many things in this ..."  Tarr cut Ben off in mid-sentence.  

"Do not be offering excuses when in silence, you can be seeking the answers!  Would you like a head start, Ben Jaeger?  Do you think that you have the courage?"  

"I don't know Tarr.  But I will never know if I do not try."  

"For you Ben Jaeger, that was a good answer.  Now, listen to me and not the crap you hear and see on your social media and television which is filled with so much psycho-babble.  You are not happy with yourself because you are lost ..."

From The Fires at Midnight

The old man sat by his fire, tightly wrapped in his bear skin.  So far, he had seen eighty-six winters, but this one was by far the worst.  Scars from past wounds and poorly healed bones, earned in battles long gone, racked his body with pain.  His hair was scraggly and chalk white; the scar over his right eye that extended past his cheek made him look hideous to the common stranger.  He could not relieve his body from the grip of cold that surrounded him, regardless of how close he sat to the fire or how much ale he consumed.  He was tired, very tired.  

... "Tonight, young ones," Tarr said in the best voice that he could muster, "begins your final lesson ..."  

This book and more are available on this blog - direct links to Amazon - just a click away!

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