Monday, July 20, 2015

Abortion and Other Rants

Planned Parenthood and I never did get along; something about the killing of innocents that offends me.  Even the name, Planned Parenthood, I find strange.  If they were helping people plan for children, then why abortion?  But, that is just not it.  The real reason - you have an unwanted pregnancy, they say.  Come to us and we will rid you of that problem, for a "small" fee, of course. Now we have a multitude of birth control devices available with a doctor's prescription or for over the counter purchase.  Abortion is not a form of birth control.  In my opinion, if you forgot to do what you had to do and your thoughtlessness results in pregnancy, that's too bad for you.  Now, your actions have created responsibility.  And how you handle that responsibility will mark you until the day you die.  Enough pontificating:  Planned Parenthood is back in the news in a big way.   

An official from Planned Parenthood was allegedly caught on tape admitting that PP sells body parts of aborted children to help them "break even," financially.  The parts with the highest value - the heart, lungs, and liver.  Even if just a smidgen of this is true, we are living in dark times, the Wolf Age.  This is a reverse of Soylent Green, and worse.  Who and/or what is next?   This is liberalism at its gory best, so far.  Then we have a guy with a hair problem.  

In my opinion, the Donald became the stalking horse of the GOP presidential field by speaking out on a thing or two that struck a cord within the man on the street.  How do you explain to the nation how an illegal alien who was tossed out of the USA five times with at least as many felony convictions comes back into the USA illegally, again, and kills an innocent young woman.  This is not a rare thing that happened.  Suck it up cupcake, it happens in varying forms everyday.  Well thank you Donald, for bringing it up.  But this past weekend, the Donald made a move in the wrong direction.  He said that Senator John McCain is not a war hero.  ***

If you recall, McCain was a naval aviator and was shot down during the Vietnam War.  He spent five and a half years as a POW.  During his incarceration, McCain was repeatedly beaten; check out a recent picture of him to see how well his jaw healed.  McCain also turned down early release to allow others to leave first.  Guaranteed, John McCain and I do not agree on everything but in my eyes the man is a hero.  Period.  Trump went off track about McCain and should get back "on point," forcing the other GOP candidates to begin addressing real domestic and foreign issues, political correctness be damned.  Speaking of the politically correct......

Recently nine good folks were gunned down while at a prayer service in their church.  The lunatic who perpetrated this heinous crime did so for no other reason than he did not like the color of their skin.  In their initial discovery period, the police discovered a picture with said lunatic holding a Confederate Battle flag.  Thanks to the politically correct liberal police, the shit really hit the fan. Washington and Jefferson are labeled racists.  The flag of the USA is labeled a variety of things, none of them worth repeating.  Once again, politically correct liberalism running amok.  Yes, take down the flag flying at that government building in South Carolina (now done).  But let history, heritage, and culture right where it is.  When you throw the previous three into a closet and pad-lock the door, you become a defacto history revisionist.  We learn nothing by hiding our history, warts and all.  It must be studied and learned so that the past does not repeat itself.  

But when you stick your head up your ass you are acting just like that big bird who hides its head in the sand; you see nothing and hear nothing, content with a status quo that does not exist, except in your own mind.  Because - you did not take to heart the lessons from history.  Appeasement politics never work well for the good guys.  If you get to meet Neville Chamberlain, ask him if he would have handled Hitler differently, since we now have the past history of that mistake, and others, to learn from.  We have not learned that lesson about Iran.  They hate us and want us destroyed; that's the long and short of it.  And what did we get out of that deal?  Not a single American citizen (5) was or is to be released.  In ten years or less, Iran could have nuclear weapons.  Ask Saudi Arabia and Israel how they feel about having that gun to their heads.  Negotiations with bullies and tyrants should never happen; they only understand brute force.  Maybe what we need is for John McCain to recruit Trump, to swoop up all the Planned Parenthood hacks, and invade Iran carrying the Confederate battle flag.  The Donald could talk them to death, Planned Parenthood would make sure that they could no longer reproduce, and the flag would just confuse the hell out of them.  

                                                   Copyright @2015 Terry Unger  

 *** Thanks to how the sensationalist media reports - in Sound Bites - Trump, after being pressed, admitted that McCain was a hero.  Coming from a guy who lived the high life while McCain was struggling to servive, I guess we can call that acceptable - the author.                                                     


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