Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Spiritual Revolution

It's one helluva world out there.  Dog eat dog, and then some.  The struggle to pay the bills and at the same time eat has pushed many over the brink.  People getting screwed out of promotions and pay raises are commonplace; personal effort goes out the window, due to political correctness and the prevalent attitude of hurrah for me and the hell with you.  And in many instances, it does not matter what you know and what you have done but who you know.  An incompetent can control the destiny of many.  Why does this guy get this or that when he/she has not earned it?  All this wears thin on body and soul.  If you are not spiritually centered, this crap can utterly destroy you; it's time to take stock of who you are and what is important. If you are of Indo-European descent, and in particular northern European extraction, take heart, there is help but you may not like it.  

For centuries, the Western world has been awash in Judeo-Christian doctrine and dogma that allows for what was mentioned in the preceding paragraph.  Our Ancestors understood hard work, honest effort, honor, and fair play.  This is lost in our modern world, again, because of the above.  But northern soul, are you ready to make a change?  A change that may not at present eradicate these false rewards as mentioned but one that can nurture your body and soul?  A change that can give you some peace, satisfaction, and a knowing of who you are?  

If you are ready for change, the answer is Asatru, the reconstructed, ancestral folkway that now guides so many to peace, harmony, and success.  There always will be those people who condemn the past just because it is the past - it is not "modern."  But todays Asatru takes the past and tailors it to our present; old wisdom for today's living.  And Asatru promotes life.  

Monotheism in general promotes a desirable (for them) but vague after-life while dismissing the importance of the present; the body and all of creation is evil, sinful, etc.  This is a sad commentary on living.  The Good News - Asatru promotes life to its fullest.  Life, according to Asatru is meant to be lived, even with all of life's pitfalls and sorrows - the pitfalls and sorrows help us to learn. Divinity is nothing like the Abrahamic religions, made in man's image (a spoiled 13 year old condemning everything. Do not confuse the divinity represented in the Eddas with that of the bible, for many reasons. Our Ancestors knew the difference and so should we).  The Gods are our elder kin, love us, support us, and wish us the best.  Within today's Asatru, as with our Ancestors, life is good, and prosperity is good.  Hard work, honesty, and self-reliance are good things to possess.  And creativity and imagination are respected.  

So northern soul, are you ready and willing to make a change?   Or are you content with your current life?  The choice is up to you.  

                                             Copyright @2015 Terry Unger 


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