Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Saga of Joe Lunch-Box

On any given day, Joe came directly home after an unsatisfying work day.  He always kissed his wife, hugged his kids, and then turned on the boob-tube to soak in the daily media dirt.  But thanks to his smart phone, Joe saw the short version of malaise on his work breaks; he was primed for the evening's full plate. Joe found all of it quite negative with nothing bright or pleasing to lighten his mood.  And after so many great dinners that were constantly punctuated by having to take away his kids' smart phones, Joe would check out his social media links.  More of nothing again, he thought, but brain-dead cyber warriors hell bent on unfriending, then outing as racists all who did not share in their politically correct world view.  Joe felt in his soul that there had to be more to life then this kind of emptiness.  He knew that this could not be real life, but just an existence that amounted to being a number in a consumer frenzied social order.  Joe began to listen to his heart, and decided to follow.  

Even though Joe's grandparents passed on when he was a teenager, he still had fond memories of them.  He easily recalled the special food, drink, and the family gatherings with old world friends that were filled with tales of by-gone yesterdays.  It was these memories that finally led Joe to discover his culture and heritage.  He began to learn all that he could; it became his obsession.  But it was an obsession that came with some perks.  

The more Joe Lunch-Box learned about his culture and heritage, the more his inner pride grew.  He smiled more, he stood up straighter and squared his shoulders, and he began to radiate a positive attitude.  And as he learned more, Joe discovered a thing or two that had blocked not just him but others from knowing their heritage and culture.  One of those things was the universalist monotheism known as Christianity.  At first, this greatly disturbed Joe.  He and countless others had been taught that only through Jesus and his religion could a person gain salvation.  But the more Joe learned and understood, the easier it was for him to jettison that false and crippling belief.   

Joe delved deep into his study of Christianity in general and then how as a quasi conqueror it did its awful best to to whitewash the past of pre-Christian northern Europe.  But time, education, and scholarship, like fog lifting off of a lake, broke through the cross's thin veneer.  This is how Joe discovered Asatru, the reconstructed ancient folkway of his ancestors.  

He soon found out that Asatru was a folkway/religion that required a lot of "homework."  And Joe sucked it up.  This man quickly discovered that charlatans, with their UPGs and MUS should not to be read or quoted, let alone trusted as any kind of reliable source.  Only solid scholarship, he knew, must be taken into consideration.  Joe's wife, who was also disenchanted with the status quo, joined her husband in his deliberations.  In time, they decided as best as possible, to raise their kids Asatru. The fate and fortune of Joe Lunch-Box and his family changed dramatically.   

Joe's overall personal improvement garnered him a promotion and a fat raise; his wife became a community leader who was sought out to solve many problems.  And their kids impressed many with their accomplishments in academics and sports.  The Lunch-Box family was happy, productive, and content.  Joe and his family's life changed for the better when they discovered their roots; they knew where they came from and who they were - they had identity and purpose in life.  

It does not take great intelligence to see that the Saga of Joe Lunch-Box is a work of fiction, but one rooted in fact.  Folks who come back to their roots, to Asatru, are happier and productive because they found themselves; they are no longer lost.  It's just that simple.  So northern soul, are you ready to come home?   

                                                  Copyright @2015 Terry Unger


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