Saturday, October 17, 2015

Winter Nights

It's that time of year.  As the Sun settles in the western horizon, a chill fills the air.  To our gaze, there are as many leaves on the ground as are on the trees.  And, the days are shorter while the dark of night intensifies.  It is the time of Winter Nights.  

Winter Nights is one of the original holidays celebrated by our northern European Ancestors (Ynglinga Saga/Heimskringla...the other two are Yule and Sigrblot/Ostara).  Modern Asatruars and Heathens mark this holiday between the mid to end of October (the Celtic Samhain, sometimes pronounced Sow - Inn is celebrated at the very end of October 31st and is not related to Winter Nights) and try to practice this holy period in a re-constructionist vein.  

For our Ancestors, it was the time to get ready for winter:  the final harvest, the butchering of animals  and the preservation of the meat.  It also was a time to give thanks to Mother Earth for her bounty.  But, great care was given to honor and praise other mothers.  

Female Ancestors and those known as the Disir/Matronae (the deceased women of family, clan, and tribe known for their positive contributions and Goddesses such as Frigg, Freya, Frau Holle, etc. The Disir/Matronae were Goddesses) were honored, remembered, and petitioned for aid and protection during the coming cold weather.  It was not unusual at this time for thoughts to turn to the female regenerative, healing, and life giving part of life.  

In the eyes of our Ancestors women in all of their aspects were important, as they should be today. All men (humans with a penis) need to look at their wives, daughters, grandmothers, and our Goddesses with a sense of awe, deep appreciation, and wonder, daily.  And, honor them with our memories, Blots, and Sumbels.  We must keep and properly honor the Tides.  

A certain decorum and behavior must be followed by all true Asatruars/Heathens.  This Winter Nights and for all of our Holidays, if you do not Blot and Sumbel you're doing nothing more than attending/hosting a BBQ or a pot luck supper; anyone can do that.

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