Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Living Simply

Gandhi said, "Live simply so others may simply live."  These are wise words.  But in my humble opinion, a person must to be able to live simply to make the second part of that statement happen. Too many people have chosen to not live simply; they have complicated their lives by willingly falling victim to our consumerist society.  In other words, they are up to their eye-balls in personal debt.  Every credit card is maxed out, and no money in the bank.  Life is lived paycheck to paycheck,  an unpaid sick day determines how well they will eat for that month.

Sure, we all need stuff.  The problem lies in how our wants are turned into needs by the hypnotic and constant blathering from corporations convincing us that their product(s) is something we cannot live without.  There is, I think a solution but it will appear to be too radical for many people and therefore not attempted.  The solution is a change of worldview.

Paraphrasing Gandhi, "Live simply so that You may simply live."  To me, living simply is about taking stock of your life and unloading excess baggage; if you are going to be honest, it will be a brutal assessment.  Dying with more toys than your neighbor is not only uncool, but foolish.

A few things could be mentioned to help live a simple life; an easy one is credit card debt consolidation.  Pay off the debt by floating a personal loan and cut up all the credit cards save one.  But, this is too easy.  All one has to do is telephone the destroyed cards' lending institution and bingo, they will send out a new card, possibly with a higher credit limit.  Let's not waste more time with financial solutions; you cannot run out and buy a simple, better life on the installment plan.  The roadblock to living a simple, contented life is not physical, mental, or emotional.  It is spiritual.

Most folks who were born and raised in the Western world are saturated with Monotheistic ideals, mainly, the salvation doctrine.  When clinging to this illogical doctrine, one gives up the present life in order to secure a place in some foggy unverifiable after-life.  But enough; I have written about this life denying world view in greater detail in previous posts.  People of northern European descent, in order to have a more spiritual life, need to go back to their roots.  Today, those roots are known as Asatru, the reconstructed folkway/religion of our northern European Ancestors.  After all, people will do better in what they are grounded in;  it's burned into our DNA.  It's that simple.  If you are floundering, google Asatru.  And maybe after some time, you too can simply live.

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