Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oh, What Filth !!!

The TV sitcom, Two and a half Men ended its run February 2015.  You either liked this show or you did not.  But it is interesting how a child star grows up and changes in front of his viewers' eyes.  

At the tender age of 16, this young man signed a contract worth $300,000.00/episode; add to that a $500,000.00 signing bonus (2010).  Two years later, this young man decides to convert to Christianity.  Well, jolly good for him!  

Appearing on a Christian radio program, he declared the show that paid him for over ten years to be, filth that contradicts his moral values.  Later he referred to himself as a paid hypocrite.  Nothing like chewing up the hand that feeds you.  Here is a thought or two about that.  

It is not at all unusual for the recently converted to be filled with religious zeal and for them to express it in various ways; put this on a shelf.  All honest work is good work; things like selling drugs, pimping women, and selling illegal firearms to criminals are not - a garbage man and a dishwasher have more honor than the latter.  So if a man has a change of heart (such as what happens in religious conversion) and refers to his employment as filthy and himself as a paid hypocrite, he has reached a moral dilemma.  

If a man, for any reason believes that what he did was filthy and dirty, it stands to reason that the money paid to do that job also is filthy.  It appears that to make one's self "clean," the dirty, filthy money should at the very least be given to charity.  But, this writer after searching, could not find any vast divestiture of monies from this young man: admittedly, I could have missed something.  So how filthy and dirty can that money be?  This writer does not hold any animosity whatsoever towards this young man.  Rather, I offer him the best of luck and Godsspeed.  For the rest of us, it serves as yet another learning experience.       

                                                   Copyright @2015 Terry Unger


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