Sunday, November 29, 2015

Leaving the Ranch (or leaving the patch on Black Friday)

Today is Friday, November 25th, 2016 - Black Friday.  The madness is upon us.  Consumerists barely get enough time to digest their turkey before they are called out to part with their money by the big box stores.  If you are Heathen, there are many fine Heathen shops on the Internet with which you can purchase gifts.  Spend wisely, gift wisely.

As stated, Sandra and I Did Not leave the ranch yesterday, Black Friday, November 27th, 2015; we had no desire to look like Rocky Balboa after his first fight with Apollo Creed.  Buying stuff that you don't need to impress people who just do not care is something that we do not get involved with. And, buying stuff to gift people to impress them with supposed largess is something that we just don't give a damn about; if we have to buy your friendship, you ain't worth it.  The art of gifting has nothing to do with buying "a Friend."   

Friends give Friends gifts; the relationship already exists, there is no need to create one.  The art of gifting helps to strengthen the friendship because it demonstrates compassion and empathy between people, friends.  And these gifts should come from the heart and not the depths of one's bank account; there is no need to impress a true friend with largess.  This Yule, be wise.  Don't leave your ranch and buy to impress.  Think with your head and give from your heart what matters.  In our time, real Friends are a rare commodity.   

                                               copyright @2015/2016 Terry Unger



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