Friday, May 6, 2016

Is It the End?

The 1st Man said, "I dread the day that I die."  

The 2nd Man said, "Yes, that day will come.  But how many days do you have to live?"  

Which one are you?  The 1st or 2nd Man?  The 2nd Man has a life and world accepting view; the 1st does not.  The 2nd Man knows that his date with death will come, but prefers to use his "days" productively.  He is focused on "now."  He does not concern himself with some pie-in-the-sky promise of an afterlife.  The 2nd Man wants to life a full and productive life.  Are you the 1st Man or the 2nd Man?  

Havamal, verse 70 - It is far better to be alive than dead.  While living you can enjoy family, friends, and wealth.  And opportunities still present themselves for all sorts of gain.  A dead man enjoys nothing. *  

Havamal, verse 76 - Everyone dies and so will you.  What continues is your good name and reputation. *

Havamal, verse 77 - Everyone dies and so will you.  What goes on is how you will be judged by others based on your reputation. *

* The above Havamal quotes taken from The View - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal and The View - Act II by Terry Unger.  Both fine books can be found on Amazon/books.  

                                                    Copyright @2016 Terry Unger 

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