Thursday, May 5, 2016

Living the High Life

In the western world, particularly in the USA, people have great opportunities; the United States Constitution does not guarantee a person happiness, just the pursuit of it.  In the USA, we are free to make mistakes, fall on our faces, and pick ourselves up to try again and again to grab onto our gold ring.  This takes guts and what I refer to as the want to.  Without the want to, no amount of freedom can help you.  

A person can look at personal failure as the end of the world or a learning experience.  Personally, I prefer the learning experience; it is a matter of perspective.  If you have a negative outlook going into a project you may just think it is the end of your dreams when your attempt fails.  But then, you could have had a positive attitude going in but allowed the clouds of doom envelope you when your initial effort falls flat.  Maybe it's more than attitude.  Maybe it is perspective.

A perspective that turns on worldview.  A perspective that is world rejecting (birthed from monotheistic salvation doctrine - to hell with this life, paradise awaits for those who "believe")  can cut into a person's want to.   After a few generations, it may have become, for many, a fall back position.  It can blunt a person's sense of want to, a desire for success and a strong will to not just survive but to thrive and live a robust and full life.  A change is needed.

If the change required is perspective based on worldview, then the current majority worldview, life and world rejecting dependent on salvation doctrine, should be replaced.  The fault of this negative worldview I believe, lies squarely with Monotheism.  Over generations, it has created dependency on things that cannot be proven.  It has dulled its practitioners to expect little out of this life; it has damned near dissolved their want to.  But then, it has inspired some adherents to drive jet planes into buildings - because of the promises of some mythical paradise.  However, not all are true adherents.

There are those folks who, when it comes time to check the box pertaining to a religious following, they will check off that which they are familiar with - because that response is comfortable and it completes the form.  These folks have not been inside of their respective houses of worship in years.  Their attitude is different.  They have no problem putting aside salvation doctrine's vague promises to grab onto their gold rings; to be successful in this life and also be a great man or woman.  These people are fortunate but there was a time before Monotheism when its life and world denying doctrines did not exist.

In pre-Christian northern Europe, people did not reject life and the world; they embraced it.  All of life was accepted.  All of life was good as well as any personal success.  After centuries, Christianity has yet to completely obliterate this life and world accepting worldview of the past.  It has survived, and has found new expressions.

Asatru is the modern world's reconstructed view of this ancient folkway.  The numbers of adherents are growing; people have found and are finding freedom to be everything they can be.  People are rediscovering their connection not just with nature, the world around them, but also with divinity, at levels they never knew or thought possible.  They are discovering their true place within the cosmos and they love it.  It will take generations to be rid of the negative effects that Monotheism has wrought.  But don't let that stop you.  Come and join the march for freedom and progress.  Live the High Life.

                                                        Copyright @2016 Terry Unger


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