Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Anarchy and the Innangard

Anarchy is chaos.  It means the complete disregard for government, law and order, while flouting the idea of pure individual freedom.  Anarchy abolishes Frith, something our ancestors treasured.  They knew, as most of us know today that custom, thew, and law bring not just order but growth.  Our ancestors would permanently banish an Anarchist to the Untangard; he would be a serious threat to the Innangard, Frith, and the individual.  However, our ancestors were not mindless drones.  A person's individuality was important.

Being everything possible a person could be was encouraged, starting at the family level.  Our ancestors knew that a person's potential had to be nurtured for the benefit of all, thus avoiding unhappy folk.  This is a part of Frith in action; when a person's "get-up-and-go" is held down, when success at what a person is good at is denied growth, that makes for unhappy people, thus creating a negative environment.  Growth happens within a Frithful Innangard.  It does not happen in a repressive environment such as anarchy (or for that matter, any form of dictatorship which usually evolves when anarchy burns itself out).

If people had the pure individual freedom that anarchy suggests, chaos would reign.  If we had this pure individual freedom, this means I have the freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. This includes doing absolutely nothing.  I can just sit back and watch you.  I can sit there in my non-productivity, and count your possessions.  Pure individual freedom gives me the "freedom" to take from you what I want; there is no Frithful Innangard to prevent it, to provide penalties for me when caught and recompense for you, the victim.  When you multiply this behavior by 100,000, chaos rules. Asking humans to voluntarily let their neighbor's stuff alone, without a system of checks and balances is not just foolish but outright stupid (unfortunately, we have no law against stupid).  Can my neighbor and I get along and leave each other's stuff alone?  Yes, but anarchy involves an entire society, not just two neighbors.  Do not confuse the sponsorship of individual growth/tribe growth by a Frithful Innangard to the pure absolute freedom that anarchy champions; they are as different as a cool refreshing breeze is to a hurricane.

We do live in a Frithful Innangard/society; all of us have opportunities for growth and positive community participation.  Yes, we have custom, thew, and law that makes Frith happen.  It would be best for all if political machinations like anarchy, dictatorships, and Marx's communism were relegated to the dust bins of history, or to the Untangard.

                                                    Copyright @2016 Terry Unger

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