Sunday, July 24, 2016

Courage and Magan In Our Time

A man gets up in the morning after a night of fitful sleep to go to a job he does not like; the political correctness is stifling and the payday is poor.  And he puts up with an age issue.  He gets passed over for promotion in favor of younger people - management is lost in the quicksand of denial. Somewhere a woman also rises and suffers from a lack of sleep; the glass ceiling is still there, she collided with it a few times and cannot break through.  She is just as good in her chosen profession as her male peers but has to live with less in her paycheck.  

Both man and woman are responsible for others.  They trudge on while taking so much "on the chin." Being a team player, they are constantly told, is a virtue.  Both know that if you throw enough shit against the wall, it begins to stick; both are dizzy in the head and yearn for something better in their life.  But others depend on them so quitting is not an option.  And, looking for other employment is hampered by the phrase, "location, location, location."  Moving for a new job can be seriously detrimental to those that depend on them.  So they march on and do their best to deal with the anxiety, depression, and mood swings that rob them of not just sleep but inner peace.  Thanks to the media's 24 hour news cycle they are constantly bombarded by a possible crafted thought speak.  

There are some people that think that these folks are not just weak but drones, slaves to the "system."  I beg to differ.  Folks like this are not weak.  They are in a situation that many today find themselves. They carry on, they do not quit; they have responsibilities - they fight on against the odds.  In my opinion, there are courageous.  But even the courageous can use a hand up.  Maybe the thought below can help.  

The Asian world has its' Chi and the Hindus have their Kundalini.  The Germanic world of yesteryear gives us something known as Magan (Old High German).  All three deal with the energy that permeates the Multiverse (the Universe).  

Magan is much more than increasing physical strength; it is the increase, the gathering up of this universal energy into one's total being.  And that, obviously, includes your inner self.  Plus, all living things have Magan; think about that for a moment.  This means that you, your dog, and your vegetable garden contain Magan.  And by increasing your Magan, you can increase your confidence. This increase in confidence does boost a person's courage and an increase in Magan helps in dealing with anxiety and depression.  The increase, or gathering of Magan can be accomplished by what the Northern Traditions refer to as Gladr.  

Gladr's simple definition is - chanting or, to chant.  But possibly for the northern soul not just any chant will do; it should be a Runic Chant.  And one of the best is ALU - ULA (ULA is just the reverse of ALU).  This chant is composed of three runes; ansuz, laguz, and uruz.  It is  pronounced - ah lew / ooo la.  Try it out, in morning quiet or any other quiet time.  

Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Breath in deeply, hold slightly and release, out of your nose.  Do this at least three times.  Relax.  Breathe in and when you exhale, say the chant, ah-lew, ooo-la.  Do this three times and relax.  Repeat two more times.  Relax and let the quiet of ALU - ULA work within you.  Understand that results happen over a period of time, but you should feel relaxed from the sound resonating within you.  Eventually, you should feel more confidant and secure within yourself.

Author's Note:  Results will vary from person to person; so much depends on time and individual effort.  Also, Galdr is not intended to be a cure for anxiety, depression, or mood disorders.  If you truly suffer from these things, seek out help from mental health professionals.  Even so, know that gathering, increasing your Magan is a good thing and something not to be ignored.  

                                                    Copyright @2016 Terry Unger

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