Monday, January 28, 2013



Since I live in a moderate to tropical climate, snow is something that I no longer see.  As a child, snow gave my friends and I various chances to experience seasonal adventures.  Those snow forts were great shelters for snowball fights, and huge snowmen were our generals.  The tightly packed snow was awesome for sledding and tobogganing.  But when I went from a kid to a working stiff, snow had lost its' luster.

When you have to live with it, work in it, and constantly shovel it, snow is a real pain in the ass.  So during a longer winter with constant snowfall, where do you put it?  If the temperatures stayed below freezing, even during the daylight hours, that snow ain't going nowhere soon.  You piled it up in your yard, and the city hauled off their responsibility, dumping it into lake and rivers, or unused parking lots.  And after 24 hours, the snow that was on the streets mixed with salt and cinders from the city's road treatment, and the smudgy dirt from the streets, to produce various shades of gray; what was pretty against the moonlit night sky became ugly after lunch.  I can remember the good, bad, and ugly of snow in my life, as I can about other things.

Calling up a memory, filing through your brain's memory storage locker, is a conscious choice.  A memory is a personal story of a past event or events in our lives.  When you do it to hurt yourself, to beat yourself up again, that is foolish.  Often, we do just that when we regret a negative event from our past.  We need to learn from our past, even from the good times.  You cannot turn back the clock and redo that past negative event.  All you can do is learn from it so that you do not repeat the same errors in the future.  This is also true for cultures and countries.  Yeah well, I still don't like snow.

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