Friday, January 18, 2013

World -Wide Pants, Etc.


Did you ever wonder why, after trying on one pair of pants, and then another, that they never seem to fit you the same way?  Around the abdomen, one pair is a tighter fit.  The pants can come from the same manufacturer, or not, and results always seem to be the same.  The same goes for the pants inseam.  Also, shirt size becomes a pain in the ass when one manufacturer's large is equivalent to another's medium, when said medium is factory labeled as a large; just sayin'.  And really - what the hell is it with shoes?

Women's cloth sizing completely freaks me out.  Men's sizing, even after going through the hassles mentioned above, are breathtakingly simple compared to women's.  The ladies deal with petite, juniors, misses, and women's.  Gentlemen, a size 12 petite just ain't equal to a size 12 women's.  And what is a junior and a misses?

Maybe men's sizing is simpler because men tend to be not so complicated.  Women, on the other hand, are a complex mystery.  In one breath and without shifting gears, a woman can be wife, mother, best friend, and lover; my awesome wife Sandra is just like that.  Sometimes, because of their complex nature, women are hard to figure out; I like it that way.  But I really prefer that they do their own clothes shopping.  

                                                Copyright @2013 Terry Unger

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