Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Few Thoughts From An Active Mind

A few lines from my FB Page.............

I have lived long, and I have lived short.....I've seen three types of people. Those who sit and watch from the sidelines. Those who wanted to do something but did not for lack of intestinal fortitude. And those who, lose, or draw, they did something that made a difference. 

So many people have the personality of canned of peas; soggy and off-color.  

Telling a hungry man that you will pray for him does not fill his stomach.  

We are born and we all die. In between is this thing called life. Our birth and death are not important. How well we live our lives is.

When you stop feeling sorry for yourself and take charge of your life, "miracles" happen.

Those who have, when they take from what is intended for the have nots, are nothing more than thieves in a different dress. They have no honor.  

Living life without hope is like drinking your morning coffee without a cup.  

It is better to live life as who you REALLY are and not try to impress others by attempting to be something that you are not.  

                                                                Copyright @2013 Terry Unger

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