Friday, August 9, 2013

Judgement Day

For those folks of the Judeo-Christian persuasion, judgement day conjurers up thoughts of their eternal fate, the moment when their god will condemn them to hell or eternal bliss.  This is pretty much like a human court system with no hope of appeal.  And the judge in this scenario is more like a 13 year kid on crack.  Now that I have your attention, let's consider how people judge people.

Every argument and failure between two people or two million is judged by those who have chosen what side they want to be on.  This is normal human behavior; anyone who has passed through a withering divorce can tell you the same.  However, they will only see one side of the argument, the story.  Moreover, they do not want to look at the other side.  Not only do these folks want to consider that their side is wrong, they do not want to believe that they have chosen the wrong side of the argument.  When it comes to being confronted by the cheerleaders from the other side, there is, I believe, a simple way of handling yourself and having a good laugh.   

Carry some loose change in your pocket.  Pull out the largest coin and give it to the person who is confronting you and insulting your intelligence.  Ask the buffoon about the total number of the coin's sides.  Then point out that the sides are different but make up the whole coin.  Let your would-be judge keep the coin and walk away.  It will be the best 25 cents you've ever spent.

                                                     Copyright @2013 Terry Unger     

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