Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Privileges of Aging

Another blog post from the author of The Reluctant Hero Trilogy, THREE TALL TALES, and The View - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal.  

It is not unusual that as you age, younger folks will ask you questions about a variety of subjects (at least that's the case in Texas.  In other, more politically correct regions of our country, some of these young people would just as well kick you to the curb).  And it's amazing the conversations you get involved in while in a locker room (What?  Because I'm older than you I can't work out? ).  

On 10/27/2014, I had a full knee replacement - a negative outcome resulting from decades of running.  My running days are over, save for that chance, fateful need to run out of a burning building. That said, I just went back to the gym.  The rest of my body is still screaming at me like I was an unfaithful lover; that too shall pass.  But when I was sitting there rubbing some sore muscles, I overheard an all to common conversation.

Two men, both younger than I, were debating where they thought "we all go" after we die.  It was a depressing conversation; so many things not to do, based on their 'book."  It seemed to me that there was not any "life" in their lives, just the avoidance of things that could block them from heaven. When dressed, I stepped around the locker wall and could not help myself; I opened my mouth and the words just fell out.

It was my standard litany about living life to its fullest and not worrying about any kind of afterlife. Added to that was this little gem:  "Discovering and understanding the afterlife is like trying to find fly shit on a windshield," I said.  "You think its there but you just cannot find it.  When you die, you will discover this great mystery - for yourself.  Until then, live a full and productive life."  After I spoke those words, I removed my hat and ran my hand through my hair, just so those young men could tell by my silver gray I was older.

While I could see a spark of life in one man's eyes, the other almost jokingly but not threateningly asked me if I did not fear hell; the young fellow was not angry but sounded concerned.  My answer, "Absolutely not," was followed by "Have a great day" as I exited the locker room.

Fear is a terrible thing to live with and it's a damned shame that Monotheism still uses it to control its masses.  And remember, the religion of Abraham has three branches.  Their doctrines and dogmas all sound like they are different, but they are not.   In a nut shell, this is the absolute and only Truth.  Accept it and believe it or you shall perish, one way or another pretty much covers all three.  Happy is the man who is free of these things.

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