Monday, January 19, 2015

War Is Hell and Other Observations

As the title reads, war truly is hell.  For countless ages, men march off to war for many reasons and when they come home, they are changed; they've experienced hell on Earth at its' best.  In our age like all others, some men and women are broken while others struggle to keep it together.  My father and his brothers came home from Europe and the South Pacific after WWII and did their best to deal with PTSD and its' nasty cousins.  But these men volunteered to serve their country and preserve our way of life.  They did so without regret.  And in this age, we have men like Chris Kyle and others who did and still do the same.  

Fellow Texan Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal and a trained sniper who served four tours in Iraq.  Chris is credited with being our best sniper - ever.  He sure as hell was not a coward.  Chris Kyle saved the lives of many Marines and Army Infantrymen, so that they could complete their missions, and go home.  However, there are some who have a problem with this.  

Clint Eastwood's movie, American Sniper, just may be his best.  Eastwood does a great job with Bradley Cooper's Chris Kyle, revealing the personal human toll of war (and hats off to Bradley Cooper).  But when Hollywood leftist cultural Marxist wackos like Micheal Moore and Seth Rogen condemn the film and refer to it as "fake Nazi propaganda," (Rogen), and men like Chris Kyle "cowards." (Moore), we have a problem, Houston.  

People like Moore and Rogen frequently take advantage of our First Amendment rights and probably give no thought that men like Chris Kyle put their lives on the line to give them the right to do so; maybe Moore and Rogen think that they can talk our enemies to death.  People like these two and their appalling statements should always be ignored, along with all of their pals who want a plain vanilla world.     
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