Saturday, January 10, 2015

Too Old, Or Just Broken In?

More from the successful author of The Reluctant Hero Trilogy and The View - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal -  Terry Unger

Too old, not me !

When you are young, people tell you, "You're too young for that."  Then when you are old, people tell you, "You're too old for that."  If you are an infant or totally enfeebled, these admonitions hold some water.  But I am willing to bet that you do not fall into these two groups; most of us do not.  .......

If you want to do or be something special, you need to take risks.  The taste of success is sweeter with the greater level of risk; you need to take a risk.  

Havamal, verse 105 - With m tools I carved out a path for myself.  I risked my life to reach my goals, even though there were those who would stop me if they could.    

Page 116, Dare to be Great.  From the one, the only ...  The View - One Man's Living Asatru With Help From The Havamal.  

Too old?  Hell no!  Just well traveled, well versed, and broken in !   

                                                    Terry Unger @copyright 2015 

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