Friday, September 18, 2015

Megaphone Man

Social media can give us many things:  the football teams your face book friends favor, the latest dirt on someone you don't like (let alone never met), the best in gossip about the rich and famous plus so much more.  Then we have the cry babies who feel it necessary to tell the world about their problems. If life has treated you so bad, please seek professional help; the majority of your "friends" don't care, although there always is a handful who feel the need to dole out their advice.  But none are professional mental health care providers.  It is amazing how people will take to the social media center stage with metaphorical megaphone in hand and announce to their hundreds or even thousands of "friends" their deepest angst.  So what would compare to this angst ringing in real life?  Here is one far fetched thought.    

It is half-time during the Super Bowl.  A person runs out onto the stage, megaphone in hand, and begins to whine.  The lion's share of the people may not even notice; to busy watching the show to see who will be next to have a wardrobe malfunction.  But a handful out of the 100,000 plus people will hear,see, and whisper, "that poor man."  Then security wrestles megaphone man to the ground and hauls his ass of to jail.  At his arraignment hearing the judge determines that megaphone man needs a psychiatric evaluation and off he goes to the funny farm.  In cyber space the whiner is left to his or her own devices, normally more whining.  That raises these questions:  could a social media whiner, "Oh poor, poor me," be a megaphone man in real time? Are they "for real" or just looking for attention, some emotional strokes?  And finally, what makes people do this?  

From the  "for what it's worth department and my humble opinion," 95% of these folks are lonely and want someone to talk to; they need a real friend or two.  If they had a friend that they could trust and confide in, cyber space would be less bitchy.  What about the remaining 5% you ask?  They are the lunatics and should be avoided; the 95% will not do as above, but the 5% will.  So don't be a megaphone man - go out and find a good friend that you can trust or fork over the dough to see a shrink.  And let the rest of us in peace to watch who will have the next wardrobe malfunction.  

                                                Copyright @2015 Terry Unger 


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