Monday, September 28, 2015


In life, wonders just keep coming.  After I finished my workout at the gym today, I followed routine and headed to the locker room.  When inside I saw an old man in obvious distress; he was wincing a bit in pain.  I asked if I could be of assistance.  He politely declined, telling me he just had some cramps in his stomach.  One thing led to another with me telling him that I was 65 years old.  He smiled at me and said, "You are are young man with many years left before you get to my age - 92."  He didn't look it.  His voice was firm and his eyes and mind were clear.  He went on to tell me that he comes to the gym everyday, although his normal comings and goings were in the evening with this day being an exception.  Somewhere in our conversation he mentioned that going to the gym every day helped him to feel better.   

It's been a while since someone referred to me as a young man (picturing in my head my best Mr. Muscles imitation).  But the real message is clear :  Never Give Up.  That message is for all of us, regardless of what we wish to accomplish.  NGU - Never Give Up.  I forgot to mention that the older fellow had a great walker, one of those with a seat, wheels, and hand brakes.  

                                                        Copyright @2015 Terry Unger

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