Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Snippet From ... The View - Act II

All of us need to understand that if we break the law in any manner, we will have to pay the price, in one way or another.  If you do something really stupid, like sending naked pictures of yourself to a person you are trying to coerce for sex, sooner or later you will be on the evening news.  In today's fast paced informational age, you should not expect less ..... And if you are married with  kids, how do you explain it?  You cannot, unless you are talking to a couple of bags of dirt, which is what you thought about your family when you initially posted the pix .....

Havamal verse 29 - A man with an unbridled tongue pushes folks away from him and in return gains nothing but their ill-will.  

Question - Do you believe that in today's world virtue, honor, ethics, and morality are dead?  If so, how would you bring them back?  

From the essay, When We Betray and Deceive, pages 52, 53, and 54 found in The One, The Only ... The View - Act II.   Available on Amazon and other fine booksellers.  

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