Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another Snippet From ... The View - Act II

Can anyone please tell me why people need to be so 'connected'?  Why must people check their e-mails and text messages every other minute?  What the hell is so important on the Internet that it cannot wait until tomorrow?  Do people realize that fine dining does not include a damned phone ringing every five minutes?  It appears to me that people spend so much time being 'connected,' that we miss out on real people to people, person to person contact.  

Havamal verse 52 - Sometimes the simplest things are enjoyed the most.  A cup of coffee and good conversation can be the beginning of a lasting friendship.  

Question - When a person asks you to join them at a restaurant or pub what are the parameters of hospitality?  Are they different than a private residence?  

From the essay, A Relic, pages 42 and 43, in The One, The Only... The View - Act II.  This book can be found on Amazon and other fine book sellers.  

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