Friday, January 22, 2016

Random Thoughts

A real bully only understands one thing:  a well placed punch that delivers up a broken nose and a black eye.  Should the broken nose bleed and stain his shirt, all the better.  Belligerent countries are the same.  Appeasing a bully is wrong.  On Tuesday you give him your lunch money; you falsely think that the bully will leave you alone.  The next week he takes your lunch money for the whole week.  What is next, your pants or your shoes?  Given the choice, the bully will take both.  If allowed to continue, you will stand naked for the world to see.  

The First Amendment of the American Constitution is precious; among other things, it allows you to speak your mind.  However, the political correctness crowd wants to muzzle your mouth so you do not "hurt someone's feelings with your words."  Screw that.   Now, we have 18, 19, and 20 year-olds on college campuses who are demanding a "safe zone from hate speech."  Then we have other 18. 19, and 20 year-olds who, before going into combat, are required to write out their last will and testament.  These folks who demand a safe zone, free from words that can hurt them need to grow up.  They need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they Do Not have the right to Not Be Offended. All Hail the First Amendment.  And, in its own way, political correctness is a bully and needs to be pulled back, way back.  Maybe that can be started by putting those who want a safe zone into the military for a few years (or, remove them from mommy's teats and let them work somewhere for minimum wage for a few years).  Yes, I know - I am such a harsh and unrealistic bastard.  

                                               Copyright @2016 Terry Unger 



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