Thursday, January 14, 2016

One More Snippet From ... The View - Act II

In the upside down world we live in, kids and adults are constantly rewarded, regardless of, or really the lack thereof of personal, positive words and deeds.  Today, every kid gets a trophy just for showing up (because we don't want to hurt their feelings).   Kids are pushed through and graduate high school with incredibly poor math and English skills (because we don't want to damage their self-esteem).  The latter has forced colleges and universities to carry remedial math and English courses in an effort to bring their new "students" up to speed.  Then we have all of the B/S in the workplace.  Nowadays, this list of reward for poor behavior seems endless.  

Havamal verse 16 - The lazy man thinks that if he runs away from things that require courage he just may live forever.  But death takes every man, even the lazy.  

Question - Explain the phrase, you are your words and deeds.  

From the essay, The Problem with Krampus, pages 114 and 115, in The One, The Only ... The View - Act II.  This book can be found on Amazon and other fine book sellers.  

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