Monday, December 14, 2015

Things To Think About During Yule

Yule is the best time of year, but it is not all about eating and drinking.  For many of us, Yule is the Holiest time of the year.  That holiness demands reflection, Blot/Faining and Sumbel.  Here are some thoughts:  

1) Your Ancestors, the Desir/Matronae, the Landvaettir, and your immediate family.  

2) The Gods, Sunna's return (Winter Solstice), and Balder.  

3) Your friends, clan, and tribe.  

4) Your home, hearth, hospitality, and generosity.  

5) A review of the past year and planning the next.  

This Yuletide take time out from your revelries to delve into the spiritual side of Yule.  "Yule" be glad that you did.   

                                                      Copyright @2015/2016 Terry Unger

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