Monday, December 21, 2015

Yule's Second Day - Winter Solstice (2015)

Depending on where you are, Winter Solstice can be cold as hell.  For me and others who live on the Texas Gulf Coast, it's warm, a little to warm even for this time of year.  But, it is Yule and solstice is now.  

As a part of Yuletide, our Ancestors heartily embraced the Winter Solstice; Sunna's return, and her blessings of warmth, longer days, and the rebirth of field and forest.  Even in our modern era it is hard to deny the pleasure of the warmth of the sun and the greening of the fields - barren landscapes magically changing to life giving sustenance.  At Winter Solstice, the year turns from death to life, and darkness to light.  

At this Winter Solstice and those that follow, light a candle and lift a glass to Sunna and thank her for coming back to us with her love and life.   

                                                  Copyright @2015/2016 Terry Unger

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