Sunday, December 13, 2015

Keeping a Good Yule

It never fails.  Around the time of the American Thanksgiving the battle between Christian, Asatru, Heathen, and Pagan keyboard warriors lights up cyber space over the credibility/validity of Christmas versus Yule.  In my opinion, it is a waste of time for Heathens and Pagans to argue this point with Christians.  Take heart my fellow Heathens and Pagans:  our Yule Tree is not just older than their Christmas Tree but so much Bigger.  It is a historical fact that Yule was celebrated long before the supposed birth of Christ and that Christianity grafted Yule onto their Christmas for the sake of gaining, maintaining, and sustaining converts (this is a historical point, therefore not up for debate.  If in doubt, check out Professor Google and/or any university library).  For those wishing to celebrate Yule, your focus should be on this Holy Tide.

Keep this in mind:  we live in the 21st century, our Ancestors, obviously, did not.  What was common for them cannot be the same for us.  They struggled to survive the bitter cold, while we struggle to survive the holiday sales crowds.  This point can be elaborated ad nauseam, but this example, for thinking folks, should suffice.  Yule must be celebrated and enjoyed to the best of our/your abilities in our modern times.  And Yule is a great time for family, friends, clan, and tribe to create new traditions.  

Recently I posted, A Piece of Wood (or making Yuletide memories) on 11/30/2015.  This idea easily can be expanded to a larger group.  And, because of the larger group, it can be done over different Yule days at different locations; everyone participating gets a piece of wood from the various Yule Logs.  Then these saved pieces are given up to start the Yule Logs for the next year.

Trimming the Yule Tree can be a great group event; folks can travel to and from the various homes to do this deed.  Needless to say, hospitality comes to the forefront to make sure that there is plenty of Yuletide "cheer" to go around!  Also along these lines is group baking, and of course the sharing!

Many folks of northern European ancestry are involved with making mead, wine, beer, and ale.  During Yule, it could be fun to hold a "contest" featuring these brews.  But the makers beware!  He/she is held fast to gift all present with their winning brews!

Let's not forget the children.  Making various Yuletide crafts together can create lasting friendships. The kids can exchange their crafts among themselves.  Imagine the positive emotions this can generate when these kids are adults.  Imagine the bonds that can be built.  Imagine Yuletides woven together over the ages.  It's time to begin.  It's time to begin keeping a good Yule.

                                                Copyright @2015/2016 Terry Unger

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