Thursday, October 18, 2012

Losing My Religion and Sanity

It's hard for me to wrap my head around things that are totally illogical and lack any form of common sense.  Formalized religion, the three Abrahamic faiths in particular, just blow me away.  How can a just and loving god do all that killing?  When I read the verses that sanctioned those actions, I thought that they were referring to a drugged out, errant teenager.  Maybe I'm just too stupid, open minded, or just not vulnerable  to the taste of the Kool-aid.  When you tell me that something is supposedly divine and is also complete and absolute, I expect perfection.  And if that divinity is perfect, then it cannot be anything but total love and acceptance, regardless of human faults.  But, according to those three faith paths, that is not the case.  They have rules and those rules affect every aspect of human behavior.  Step over the line - you are in trouble.  But for some folks who have stepped over that line, the trouble for them is huge.

Case in point:  Fourteen year old Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistani girl, was shot in the head by the Taliban.  Her "crime?"  She advocated education for women.  Malala was shot by the same guys who rape and burn women to death at will.  These are the same guys who destroyed, as the world watched, Buddhist shines in Afghanistan over a decade ago.  But for them it's OK, because they can find justification for their actions within their religion.  Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, Christianity found justification for the murder of thousands of men and women within their canon and religion - it was called the Inquisition.  History tends to repeat itself.  It's time for the West to wake up to what's really going on in the world and to take a strong stand for freedom.

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